Rich Communications Services (RCS) provides a full Network Function Virtualization (NFV) implementation of the GSMA RCS 6.0 standard. The Solution fully integrates the RCS Application Server, Presence Server, and Network Address Book (NAB), which can be deployed with a full IMS Core or over a data network without the underlying IMS Core using RCS-in-a-Box (RCS eXtend). Aligned with the carrier's vision to enable ubiquitous communication amongst all mobile users and any of their devices, the fully virtualized hardware-agnostic RCS solution enables deployments on a variety of platforms and cloud environments - both public and private. This approach greatly improves time to market for this next-generation communication experience.


The Evolution of Carrier-Based Communications Technology

The Rich Communications Service dramatically expands traditional messaging capabilities through unique and interactive user experiences. Compliant with next-generation messaging standards (3GPP, RCS, OMA CPM and OMA SIMPLE), RCS enables carriers a cost-effective transition path to modernize their messaging service.


Sophisticated User Experiences

Advanced user experiences create opportunities for increased interaction and richer forms of communication: chat, file transfer, standalone messaging, image share, video share, geolocation, handset contact exchange (vCard), capability discovery and multi-device access.


Flexible Deployment

Available in-network, in the Cloud or as a hosted solution, RCS can be deployed with a full IMS Core, over the data network without the underlying IMS Core (RCS eXtend) or as a hybrid solution. A fully virtualized and hardware-agnostic solution enables deployments on a variety of platform and cloud environments – both public and private.


Unlimited Scalability

The RCS solution scales extensively to accommodate any size deployment while providing efficient, reliable, highly-available messaging expected from a carrier messaging solution.


Improved ARPU

RCS’s new messaging services create opportunities for new user experiences and business models, resulting in increased customer loyalty and improved Average Revenue Per User.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Chat (text and multimedia)
  • File Transfer (up to 4GB)
  • Multi-device support
  • Network Message Store support
  • RCS APIs
  • Standalone messaging (pager mode, large message mode)
  • Image share
  • Video share
  • Geolocation
  • Disposition notifications
  • Store and Forward
  • Capability discovery via SIP OPTIONS
  • EAB Contact Exchange (vCard transfer)
  • Chat ICON
  • Expanded Recipient List
  • Chatbot Platform Integration Support
  • Inter-carrier support
  • Interworking between client types (RCS-e, RCS 5.x, CPM, SIMPLE)
  • Legacy SMS and MMS interworking for standalone messaging
  • Deployable with the IMS Core, without the IMS Core or as a hybrid
  • Geographically redundant architecture
  • In-network and cloud-hosted solutions
  • A fully virtualized solution allows deployment on a variety of hardware options
  • Extensive statistics and graphical reporting
  • Onboard and off-board subscriber database support
  • Supports MMSC features, functionality and interfaces (MM1, MM3, MM4 and MM7)
  • Secure Role-Based-Access-Control login and screen access
  • Carrier-grade solution with Five-9’s availability