OMA CPM-compliant Personal Messaging Cloud (PMC) is a proven, long-term message storage solution delivering multi-device synchronization between a consumer’s devices. Consumers can now confidently change devices mid-conversation and seamlessly pick up where they left off. This solution is clearly what’s next for carriers seeking to offer NEW value-added ARPU-generating services to their subscribers. Architected with redundancy, Infinite Convergence’s PMC is built for low latency, high capacity and high availability - just what consumers expect from carrier-based services.


Delivering a Single Seamless Messaging Experience Across All the Subscribers Devices

Enterprise messaging users need technologies that allow them to synchronize messages across devices for a more unified messaging experience. Infinite Convergence Personal Messaging Cloud (PMC) gives carriers the integrated messaging and storage capabilities they need to empower enterprise customers with communication continuity.


Seamless Device Synchronization

Consumers can access conversations from any of their devices, or all of their devices, simultaneously. The PMC also instantly synchronizes messages across all the user’s devices, both cellular and non-cellular.


Secure, Long-term Storage

Consumers enjoy secure, individual mailbox storage for the long-term retention of one-to-one and group chats, and multimedia messaging (images, audio, video).


Improved ARPU

PMC’s consolidated messaging capabilities create opportunities for new user experiences and business models, resulting in increased customer loyalty and improved Average Revenue Per User.


Flexible Configuration and Pricing

The PMC can be configured as a standalone, redundant or scalable (up to millions of subscribers) configuration, extending the value of your customers’ communication technology investments. Services can be priced based on storage time or folder size.


Flexible Deployment

Available in-network, in the Cloud or as a hosted solution, PMC is a fully virtualized and hardware-agnostic solution enabling deployments on a variety of platform and cloud environments – both public and private.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Multi-device synchronization
  • Message storage backup and recovery
  • Secure individual subscriber mailbox
  • Supports both cellular and non-cellular messaging interfaces
  • Supports retrieval of specific message parts (i.e., pictures)
  • Low latency
  • A fully virtualized solution allows deployment on a variety of hardware options
  • Geographically redundant architecture
  • In-network and cloud-hosted solutions available
  • Secure Role-Based-Access-Control login and screen access