NetSfere Supports Healthcare Providers and Other Front-Line Organizations with Free Enterprise Messaging Services

Faced with extraordinarily high demand for care and services fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers and first responders are working tirelessly every day to save lives and protect communities. These workers need a wide range of support to help them respond to this crisis and companies across the globe are stepping up to help.

NetSfere is part of this effort. Last month the company announced free access to its secure cloud-based communication and collaboration platform for new healthcare, government and first responder customers. This initiative is aimed at supporting safe, secure, compliant communication and collaboration for hospitals, healthcare providers, first responders and government entities worldwide while they deal with this pandemic.

Communication and collaboration technologies are an important part of helping healthcare providers and first responders work more efficiently and seamlessly share actionable data and information in a very high demand, challenging environment. As doctors, nurses, paramedics and others work to meet surging demand for care, mission-critical collaboration tools that deliver speed, accuracy, reliability and the highest security are needed now more than ever.

In times of normalcy, healthcare providers are pushed to work faster and improve patient care. The impact of COVID-19 is making this exponentially more challenging especially for organizations using outdated communication systems. HIPAA-compliant messaging solutions give healthcare providers the tools to convert communication and collaboration into improved patient care and more efficient workflows.

NetSfere's cloud-based platform includes end-to-end encryption that complies with HIPAA and other global regulatory requirements such as GDPR, providing healthcare providers, first responders and government workers with a secure communication option that offers the immediacy of instant messaging across multiple devices. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are able to communicate and consult with one another simultaneously regarding patient diagnoses or test results while streamlining communications and operations.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, secure messaging solutions can break down communication barriers and information silos, helping healthcare providers, government entities and others respond quickly to rapidly changing scenarios. Digitally connecting healthcare and government stakeholders with secure, compliant collaboration tools including high definition one-to-one and group voice calling, video streaming and screen sharing facilitates the real-time exchange of information and ideas needed to help combat this crisis.

Healthcare providers and first responders are on the front lines protecting the safety of people across the world during this COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that by offering our enterprise messaging services free of charge, the professionals providing these critical services will have the messaging solutions they need to more easily communicate and collaborate as they continue to care for people and communities across the globe. If your organization is interested in learning more about what NetSfere has to offer, contact us here.

We can’t thank you enough.

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