Beyond Consumer Messaging: Why You Need Business Instant Messaging Solutions

If you compare consumer messaging apps and business instant messaging solutions, you’ll find that many of the technology’s end goals are the same. Both seek to keep users connected at all times, and enable real-time information sharing.

This is the reason why so many businesses have opted for instant messaging technology within the enterprise. When employees need a reliable, easy-to-use method of communication, instant messaging solutions are an obvious choice.

Despite the similarities, it’s important for business owners to avoid using simple consumer messaging technology in the enterprise. Consumer apps create serious risks and vulnerabilities that are outside of the organization’s control:

  • Security Risks – Low-level data encryption can lead to unsafe disclosure of sensitive or protected information.
  • Compliance Risks – Non-compliance with several government regulations including HIPAA, FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley and others results in high fees.
  • Operational Risks – A lack of reliability and poor communication contributes to minimal collaboration across the enterprise.

Migrating to Business Instant Messaging Solutions

A recent study from The Radicati Group estimates that there will be over 3.8 billion active instant messaging accounts worldwide by 2019. And the use of business instant messaging solutions is growing at a faster rate than consumer messaging technology. Why? Because when you leverage the right platform, business messaging solutions can be strictly monitored and controlled, protecting the integrity of company data – without impeding its usefulness in the enterprise.

Migration to business instant messaging solutions can be painless. The best technologies incentivize employees to adopt enterprise safe solutions by providing added functionality and capabilities:

  • Multimedia File Sharing – Robust business messaging solutions support the secure transmission of image, video and audio files. It’s as easy as attaching the required multimedia or document to a drafted message, and sending it to the recipient.
  • Reliable Message Delivery – Users of consumer messaging apps often encounter delivery difficulties due to weak cell or internet signals. A strong business messaging solution comes equipped with secure SMS delivery capabilities. In the event a user doesn’t have a strong Wi-Fi connection, messages are still delivered on time.
  • Cloud-Based Storage – Message data and account information is more easily managed through a cloud-based storage platform. Automatic message management stores correspondence for up to 90 days, and eliminates the need for users to scroll through and delete old messages.
  • Total Management Control – Improved account controls allow account managers and IT administrators to call up message history, deactivate employee accounts and easily comply with corporate and federal data retention policies.

Business Instant Messaging Solutions for Your Enterprise

The latest innovation from Infinite Convergence Solutions, NetSfere instant messaging technology is the first choice in enterprise-class secure messaging solutions across a diverse range of industries. Companies that adopt NetSfere get a private, highly secure and reliable messaging service that builds on the convenience of consumer-grade technology.

To learn more about how NetSfere’s business instant messaging solutions can help your enterprise’s internal collaboration and communication, contact us today.

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