The Use of Multi-Device Collaboration in Mobile Messaging for Business

We live in a mobile-first world, an environment in which employees use multiple devices in their everyday work routines. But is mobile messaging for business users keeping pace with the trend toward multi-device collaboration?

In many cases, it isn’t. And that’s a problem because multi-device collaboration has the potential to deliver significant benefits for workplaces across a wide range of industries.

Your employees are using more devices than ever.

It’s been widely reported that the average U.S. consumer uses three or more devices to perform everyday tasks. That number is expected to climb even higher as the Internet of Things (IoT) edges further into the our daily routines

In addition to reshaping our personal lives, the multi-device trend is transforming the way we work. From the use of mobile messaging for business to CRM solutions and other advanced applications, employees routinely use a variety of devices to interact with common workplace technologies.

BYOD policies have accelerated the migration to multi-device workflows. A few years ago, Gartner predicted that by 2017, half of employers will require employees to supply their own devices for work purposes. While it’s unclear how many employers currently mandate employee-supplied hardware, the workforce is willingly combining personal technologies with company-owned hardware, resulting in a diverse mix of devices in the workplace.

Multi-device collaboration makes good business sense.

There are several factors behind the push for multi-device collaboration and the use of multiple devices for everyday work activities. Multi-device collaboration drives innovation for businesses by enabling more of the workforce to leverage mobile applications, radically changing internal processes, as well as how employees go about day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Increased Productivity – Employees feel that the use of multiple devices makes them more productive, especially when those devices enable them to better communicate with colleagues and clients.
  • Constant Connection – Work doesn’t just happen at the office. Many workers want to stay connected to the office when they are working in the field or even when they are at home. The use of multiple devices is closely tied to secure messaging for business and solutions that help workers stay tuned into the workplace.
  • Greater Convenience – Although mobile technologies are rapidly becoming workers’ primary preference, not every device offers the same level of convenience. For example, while employees may use smartphones for mobile messaging, most prefer to use a laptop to create documents or a tablet to view video.

Secure mobile messaging for business enhances multi-device collaboration.

Mobile messaging for business solutions are critical for supporting multi-device collaboration in the enterprise. Netsfere’s highly scalable business messaging solution makes multi-device collaboration easier than ever before. Our platform is BYOD-enabled and compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. Additionally, NetSfere’s solution syncs content across all devices, allowing sharing between desktop and mobile users.

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