Making The Case for Enterprise Instant Messaging

In a fast-paced, constantly changing work environment, the need for instant communications is more important than ever before. Enterprise instant messaging has replaced traditional methods of communications like email, allowing company employees to share internal data in a fast, reliable and secure fashion.

Signs Your Organization Needs Enterprise Instant Messaging

The adoption and implementation of enterprise instant messaging is an important step in changing how your employees communicate internally. Most organizations that choose to implement enterprise-class messaging have suffered from:

  • A lack of internal collaboration among employees.
  • Slow and unreliable email delivery hindering communications.
  • Data integrity being compromised due to a lack of high security measures.

There’s no way around it – enterprise instant messaging has the potential to completely change how you and your employees conduct internal communications.

The Benefits of Leveraging Enterprise Instant Messaging Technology

According to a recent study by Infinite Convergence, 77 percent of IT executives believe than an enterprise messaging service would be more valuable than their current communication system. Robust instant messaging software has the potential to deliver a variety of benefits for your organization:

  • Messages are protected through high-level security features. Data security is a top-of-mind priority for your business. And employees sharing sensitive company information shouldn’t put that data at risk for unauthorized third-party viewing or theft. Enterprise-class instant messaging deploys high-level security features and data encryption, protecting transmitted messages from the moment they’re sent to the moment they land in the receiver’s inbox.
  • It’s easy to manage and oversee employee accounts. Hesitant to roll out enterprise instant messaging over a fear of losing account controls? Don’t be. When employees download your organization’s instant messaging app, you, account managers or IT administrators are granted complete 24/7 access to account controls. You’ll have the ability to call up message history, remotely wipe sensitive data from the server and deactivate accounts no longer in use.
  • Robust storage capabilities make it simple to comply by federal data regulations. Industries across the board, from healthcare to financial, have a strict set of data compliance regulations to abide by. More recently, these regulations were amended to include storage of enterprise instant messages. Enterprise-class messaging technology simplifies data compliance, storing messages and automatically deleting them so you don’t have to.

It’s Time to Take on Enterprise Instant Messaging

The latest innovation from Infinite Convergence Solutions, NetSfere’s enterprise instant messaging system is the first-choice messaging solution across a broad range of industries. Companies that choose NetSfere get a private, reliable instant messaging platform that enhances internal employee communications and leads to greater overall efficiency.

Secure. Scalable. Simple. That’s the NetSfere way. To learn more about how enterprise instant messaging system, contact us today.

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