Empowering IT Leaders to Take Back Control of Enterprise Messaging

With the continued transformation of enterprises into digital workplaces, collaboration tools are now mission-critical for connecting teams and driving productivity. While tools for delivering seamless, contextual communication are vital to enterprises today, it is important for organizations to provide these tools without ceding administrative control.

In the digital-first era there is no doubt that IT controls in collaboration tools are essential for protecting data and privacy as well as preserving brand reputation and trust.

Today, shifting working paradigms, practices, and issues—including BYOD, remote working, employee turnover, regulatory compliance, and the widespread use of unauthorized messaging solutions—underscore the need for greater control in enterprise communications.

The ad hoc use of consumer-grade messaging apps that lack adequate control mechanisms is particularly risky for organizations, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to internal and external threats.

IT leaders can take back control of enterprise messaging with an enterprise communication and collaboration platform like NetSfere. Equipped with robust administrative controls, NetSfere empowers IT leaders to enforce policies and implement controls that prevent inappropriate data sharing and compliance violations.

NetSfere’s secure enterprise messaging technology empowers IT managers to regain control at three critical levels:

1. Platform-Level Controls

At the platform level, enterprise text messaging services give IT the ability to effectively manage the messaging activities of all users in the organization. From policy administration and enforcement to custom configurations for corporate data retention and compliance, IT teams gain a level of control that isn’t available when employees engage in the ad hoc use of consumer messaging apps.

NetSfere’s platform level controls:

  • Are customizable, role-based policy administration to control key features like message lifetime, sharing of attachments outside the enterprise and messaging encryption requirements
  • Provide the ability to deploy the messaging platform and configure message archiving settings in a manner that complies with regulatory requirements and corporate data retention policies
  • Provide real-time tracking of KPIs such as number of accounts, active sessions by user, messages transmitted and usage by device type

2. App-Level Controls

App-level controls give IT teams administrative tools to manage user activities. Cloud-based enterprise messaging technologies are optimal because they allow IT managers to monitor accounts, grant temporary guest access, remotely wipe data and perform other functions from a single, centralized repository.

NetSfere’s app level controls provide:

  • Management of accounts and data from a single, centralized repository
  • Temporary guest access controls that facilitate communication with external stakeholders
  • Total account management with remote wipe for sensitive data and the ability to quickly invalidate expired accounts

3. Security-Based Controls

Security-based controls align platform capabilities with the organization’s security requirements – a critical feature for companies operating in highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance. In addition to advanced encryption, security controls put IT back in charge of how users can share files, access conversations and use multiple devices for workplace messaging.

NetSfere’s industry leading security controls include:

  • 256-bit end-to-end encryption with elliptical curve key exchange to protect data and maintain the privacy of company communications
  • Cloud-based deployment to give IT total control over security upgrades and requires zero effort from users
  • IT control of multi-device capabilities, allowing employees to securely access conversations and share multimedia content across permitted platforms and devices

Administrative control mechanisms work in tandem with security and compliance features to provide a comprehensive, enterprise-grade messaging and real-time collaboration solution. With NetSfere, IT leaders are empowered with security, compliance and control (the pillars of advanced enterprise messaging) that are mission critical in the digital-first era.

Contact us today to find out how NetSfere can empower you to take back control of your enterprise messaging environment.

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