What to Keep in Mind When Searching for a Secure Messaging Platform

Think consumer-grade texting apps can serve as a secure messaging platform for your enterprise? Think again. Everyday messaging applications do the bare minimum in terms of data security. If you’re seriously considering instant messaging technology for employees, you need a solution with strong security features that protect sensitive company data.

The Problem with Consumer-Grade Texting Solutions

Simple, everyday messaging technology is great for consumer use, but it has no place in the enterprise. Letting your employees use these applications to share company information and data can lead to:

  • Unauthorized third-party viewing and data theft
  • Loss of company collateral and customer data
  • High data recovery costs
  • Negative brand perception
  • Damaged relationships with suppliers, partners and vendors

Taking the time to find a robust, reliable secure messaging platform mitigates these risks, while simultaneously allowing you to increase employee productivity.

Here’s What You Need From a Secure Messaging Platform

Enterprise instant messaging software can completely transform your internal communication system. As you search for technology and narrow down a list of contenders, it’s key to remember that no two secure messaging platforms are alike. Each solution offers different features and benefits, which may be well suited (or not) to your enterprise.

For best results, select a secure messaging platform with:

  • Unparalleled Security – Information security should always be a top-of-mind concern, and is one of the main reasons decision makers hesitate to allow instant messaging in the workplace. Mitigate security concerns by implementing a secure, enterprise-grade solution. With high-level security features and encryption, messages remain completely protected during transmission.
  • Simple Account Controls – With consumer-grade messaging apps, it’s difficult to manage employee account activity. But a secure messaging platform built for organizational use grants account managers and IT administrators 24/7 access to accounts. That means the ability to call up message history, remotely wipe data from the server and remove inactive accounts.
  • Robust Storage Capabilities – Storing messages on employee devices not only raise security concerns, but also breaks compliance regulations. Industries across the board have a strict set of federal mandates to abide by when it comes to storing sensitive information. Secure messaging technology worth its salt simplifies data compliance, automating message and storage management based on regulation requirements.

Ready for a Better Secure Messaging Platform?

The latest innovation from Infinite Convergence Solutions, NetSfere’s secure messaging platform is a reliable, cost-effective messaging solution for enterprises across a broad range of industries. When you choose NetSfere, you get a secure, convenient messaging solution that improves internal communication and ultimately, improves efficiency.

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