Industries Across the Globe Choose NetSfere

Modern workplaces are digital workplaces. And digital workplaces need mobile messaging technology that enables seamless, secure, compliant communication.

Digital workplaces across the globe need NetSfere, a next generation mobile messaging solution that is secure, compliant and user friendly. A comprehensive cloud-based communication platform, NetSfere’s robust technology includes messaging, voice, video, text, screen sharing, and file sharing—all within a protected, compliant, and private enterprise-grade environment.

Those features coupled with reliable, centrally managed and controlled messaging technology make NetSfere the solution of choice for industries globally. Financial, telecommunications, hospitality, logistics and many other sectors continue to select NetSfere to create a collaborative, connected environment that makes it easy for employees to share ideas, files, and data without compromising productivity, security, or compliance.

Enterprises in highly regulated industries like healthcare where data security and patient privacy are mandatory need mobile messaging technology that allows them to efficiently engage in a secure environment. To safeguard data security, protect privacy, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve patient care, healthcare organizations globally are deploying NetSfere.

NetSfere is the secure and compliant by design advanced mobile messaging technology that is helping organizations worldwide create a more agile, connected, innovative and efficient digital workplace.

Some of the mission critical digital communication benefits NetSfere provides include:

Security and compliance

Built from the ground up with multiple layers of protection, NetSfere’s industry-leading end-to-end encryption protects sensitive business data and intellectual property, ensuring a secure communication environment for the enterprise.

Full IT control

NetSfere provides IT administrators with a powerful centralized administrative control panel to manage all aspects of the communication platform. IT administrators can provision, manage, and enforce end-user policies and privileges as mandated by the enterprise, providing total control to IT teams.

Advanced features

Comprehensive suite of communication tools, including instant messaging, file sharing, video, Securemeet, video streaming and emergency broadcast, with full audit and retention capability.

Ease of use

Set up with only name and email address. Connect and communicate with co-workers and third parties via text, voice, or video: User-friendly and intuitive interface. Add or remove any number of participants at any time. Instantly synchronize messages between the user’s phone, tablet, and laptop.

In every industry and everywhere across the globe, NetSfere is enabling the most secure and compliant communication and engagement in the digital workplace.

NetSfere supports more than 500 million global subscribers and safely delivers over one trillion messages per year.

Learn more about why enterprises across industries worldwide are choosing NetSfere, the leader in secure, compliant mobile messaging.

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