How Secure Messaging Improves Enterprise Data Security

In today’s digital environment, the need for comprehensive enterprise data security can’t be ignored. You might not realize it now, but a high number of security concerns can be resolved by looking at your internal communications strategy. For example, how is data traveling internally, and what makes it vulnerable to unauthorized third-party viewing and theft? Are employees using basic methods like email to send attachments and multimedia files?

As commonplace as email is, it’s not the safest method for communicating sensitive company data. It doesn’t take a complex algorithm for hackers and thieves to access servers. Allowing employees to share this information via email could lead to serious data loss in the future.

The Fallout From Poor Enterprise Data Security

The hard truth of today’s digital environment is that no one is safe from data breaches. Thieves target organizations weak security in place. According to Osterman Research, 75 percent of companies say it take hours, days or weeks to notice that a data breach has occurred. Unfortunately, by the time of discovery, the damage to your organization is already done:

  • Hundreds, if not thousands of files containing employee and customer data are compromised.
  • Hacks often lead to negative brand perception, and a loss of customer trust.
  • Companies experience extremely high recovery and operational fees when attempting to restore information and improve security.

Ready to improve your enterprise data security? Then it’s time to consider moving away from low-grade security methods of communication, and create a more robust communication strategy.

3 Ways Secure Messaging Enhances Your Enterprise Data Security

The beauty of secure messaging for enterprises is that it combines the simplicity and user-friendliness of text messaging with enterprise-grade features that make it safe for enterprise use. Once you implement a robust, reliable secure messaging solution, you’ll immediately notice the ways it works to improve enterprise data security:

  • Cloud-Based Messaging Platform – One of the biggest problems with email is that messages are stored directly on a user’s device. That means unauthorized viewers can simply access one employee’s emails to find protected information. Secure messaging technology removes data from personal devices and stores it in the cloud. IT and account administrators retain greater control over company information, ensuring it remains safe.
  • Bank-Level Encryption – While email isn’t entirely unprotected, it doesn’t offer high-level encryption during transmission. You need an enterprise-grade messaging application that uses device-to-device encryption via a unique key. This key scrambles messages during transmission, unlocking only after they reach receivers’ devices.
  • Strong Account Management – IT and account administrators need 24/7, unhindered visibility into employee messaging accounts and data sharing. Enterprise messaging technology grants management complete access, allowing account administrators to view, call up and remotely wipe messages from the server.

Don’t Fall Behind on Enterprise Data Security

As a leader in secure enterprise messaging, NetSfere offers company practical, cost-effective solutions to improve the safety internal communications. From banking to healthcare, our technology keeps employee productivity high, and security risks low. With highly secure device-to-device transmission, NetSfere makes secure communication between employees a reality.

Your enterprise data security strategy is about to get a major upgrade. To get started contact NetSfere today.

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