NetSfere’s New Features Elevate the Secure Mobile Messaging and Collaboration Experience

NetSfere is always innovating to respond to evolving customer needs and market requirements. As we innovate with cutting edge features to improve user experience, one thing that never changes is the industry-leading security of all our solutions and technology.

Our latest app upgrades are a prime example of that. These new features advance our commitment to providing a superior secure, reliable, and efficient mobile messaging experience.

Here’s a look at what’s new:

  • Net-C is now enabled with generative AI that adds an intuitive way to interact using natural language. Trained on NetSfere help, Net-C can now answer questions just like a human.
  • Exchange professional voice messages for more interactive engagement. Simply tap and hold the microphone button in a conversation to record, preview and send a message in your own voice.
  • Increase daily productivity with one location for all documents within the app. Quick access from the navigation bar and filter and search options make it easy to locate information.
  • Improved interfaces allow users to reply to messages and schedule and start SecureMeet meetings more quickly and easily.

These are just the latest in cutting-edge enhancements designed to elevate the messaging experience. Enterprises love our mobile messaging platform, and we love to innovate to meet their evolving needs and securely adapt to market trends and requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about all the innovative features and functionality that make NetSfere the most secure, reliable, and efficient mobile messaging solution on the market.

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