The Best Prescription for Healthcare Collaboration: NetSfere and Deutsche Telekom Partner to Help St. Augustinus Hospitals Make Mobile Messaging Seamless, Secure and Compliant

Halting the use of unsecure consumer-grade messaging apps and streamlining internal and patient communications were two of the key reasons St. Augustinus hospitals, a leading German healthcare group, turned to a partnership between Deutsche Telekom and NetSfere to deploy NetSfere’s secure mobile messaging platform in all of the group’s hospitals.

When St. Augustinus noticed an alarming increase in the use of personal devices and popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, which pose critical privacy and compliance risks, NetSfere and Deutsche Telekom partnered to implement NetSfere’s HIPAA and GDPR compliant messaging platform. The platform offers similar functionality to apps like WhatsApp but provides the highest level of end-to-end encryption through Deutsche Telekom’s highly secure data center. Secure, compliant, and flexible, this solution is just what the doctor ordered to eliminate the need for St. Augustinus staff members to turn to risky messaging apps.

Commenting on the deployment of NetSfere’s secure mobile messaging platform, Rainer Pappert, Managing Director of the St. Augustinus Group said:

“It is our responsibility to equip our employees with suitable tools. They must be able to do their work effectively. At the same time, the privacy of our patients must be protected. With the introduction of NetSfere, we followed the wishes of our employees: They want to use their personal devices. And they want to do so with an easy-to-use messaging app. So, we quickly introduced NetSfere for internal communication. With it, we quickly achieved better productivity and collaboration. Between teams, but also within our entire group. And that's about 5,600 colleagues."

With maximum security and protection locking down the exchange of patient data, NetSfere is a perfect fit for healthcare organizations like St. Augustinus. Collaboration at St. Augustinus is now not only secure and compliant but seamless thanks to NetSfere’s enterprise-grade functionality which includes individual and group messaging, HD audio calling, screen sharing, and group video calling.

St. Augustinus is also leveraging NetSfere Lifeline, a new emergency broadcast feature to the platform, which allows HR and crisis teams to quickly disseminate high priority, critical alerts and emergency information to targeted teams or an entire organization. The hospital group is leveraging this NetSfere broadcast feature to keep employees up to date on information related to the pandemic through its “Corona Ticker” NetSfere Lifeline channel.

NetSfere is advanced messaging technology built to meet the sophisticated requirements of today’s healthcare industry. Enterprise-grade end-to-end encryption, guaranteed compliance and robust functionality come together in NetSfere’s mobile messaging platform to help healthcare organizations like St. Augustinus improve both operational efficiency and the quality of patient care.

If your healthcare organization needs a prescription for seamless, secure, compliant mobile messaging, contact us today to discover how NetSfere’s best-in-class, HIPAA-compliant healthcare messaging solution can help.

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