It’s Time for an Update: Reexamining the Security of Your Business Communication

When was the last time you evaluated the security of your business communication? If your enterprise is still using unsecure chat apps and collaboration tools, you are putting your data at risk and falling short of regulatory compliance. In a digital-first environment where cyber incidents are viewed as the greatest risk companies face today, it is critical for enterprises to evaluate their mobile messaging and collaboration solutions through the lens of data security and privacy and regulatory compliance.

To strengthen your security posture and ensure compliance, take some time to reexamine your business communication technology. Ask the following questions to determine whether your mobile messaging technology and collaboration tools are up to the tasks of safeguarding data and reducing compliance risk.

Does the business communication technology your enterprise is currently using:

Keep hackers out

Over 41 million messages are transmitted per minute using messaging apps and many of these messages are business-related. With the pervasive use of mobile messaging in enterprises today, ensuring those messages are private and secure is business critical.

Enterprise-grade mobile messaging technology with built-in end-to-end encryption ensures business communication and data remains private and beyond the reach of cyber criminals. End-to-end encryption means that data is secure at rest and in transit. Mobile messaging and collaboration platforms built for the enterprise are also end-to-end encrypted by default. Users never have to activate this security feature.

NetSfere has all these security features and more. Designed from the ground up with the highest level of end-to-end encryption, NetSfere keeps hackers out, ensuring there are no data breaches or data leakage that could put your company at risk.

Ensure compliance

Regulators are cracking down on enterprise use of unsecure messaging apps and collaboration tools and organizations are paying the price. Last year the SEC fined 16 financial firms a total of $1.1 billion for the use of unapproved communication apps. GDPR Fines are also on the rise with data protection supervisory authorities across Europe issuing a total of €1.64 billion ($1.74 billion) in fines since January 28, 2022, representing a year-on-year increase in aggregate reported GDPR fines of 50%.

NetSfere guarantees compliance with secure enterprise mobile messaging and collaboration technology that features industry-leading encryption and robust technical safeguards and administrative controls.

Securely support remote and hybrid work

Today, 74% of U.S. companies are using or plan to implement a permanent hybrid work model. In this highly distributed work environment, many employees will self-select risky consumer-grade messaging apps like WhatsApp in the absence of an enterprise sanctioned mobile messaging platform.

Consumer-grade messaging apps like this were never designed for business use. With weaker controls and a host of security vulnerabilities, these apps expand the threat landscape in organizations, putting data and compliance at risk.

NetSfere’s mobile messaging platform is an all-in-one – text, voice and video – platform that securely supports employees wherever they are working. With NetSfere employees can communicate securely and safely over their preferred channels. The platform facilitates frictionless employee collaboration without compromising security or compliance.

Enhance digital trust

Cybersecurity and privacy are key to enhancing digital trust. A survey by McKinsey found that 40% of consumer respondents pulled their business from a company after learning that the company was not protective of its customers’ data.

Unsecure messaging and collaboration solutions erode that digital trust and so too do consumer-grade messaging apps that collect data.

NetSfere is a first line of defense for protecting digital trust with end-to-end encryption and robust IT administrative controls. The platform’s strict no data collection policy also helps enhance digital trust. Knowing that communication is encrypted and protected, and data is never collected and therefore never put at risk strengthens the digital trust vital to organizational success today.

If the answer to any of these questions is no, your enterprise needs NetSfere. Contact us today to learn more about the mobile messaging platform that keeps hackers out, ensures compliance, securely supports remote and hybrid work and enhances digital trust.

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