Ready for Refreshing: Why Enterprises Need to Reevaluate Their Data Privacy Policies Today

Today, an alphabet soup of privacy and data governance regulations including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) are part of a growing landscape of state, national and international measures aimed at protecting data privacy and security. As these regulations continue to evolve and consumer privacy expectations increase, now is the time for enterprises to re-evaluate their approach to data privacy. Enterprises that treat privacy as an afterthought elevate their risk for monetary fines, legal headaches and PR nightmares.

Research from CompTIA found that privacy concerns are one of the main issues driving cybersecurity in organizations. The report highlighted that “privacy concerns are likely to be a focal point of regulatory activity in the future, an area which many companies may be underestimating.”

Privacy risks are now more than ever a clear and present danger for enterprises as digital transformation continues to accelerate. The shift to work from anywhere operational paradigms is elevating usage of consumer-grade messaging apps that are a significant threat to data privacy.

And the privacy threats associated with consumer-grade messaging apps continue to grow. A case in point is the recent announcement by WhatsApp on new terms to its privacy policy that will impact its 2 billion users. The new terms allow WhatsApp to share the data it collects from an end user with the larger Facebook network including platforms it owns, like Instagram. The result is a minefield of privacy and compliance risks for enterprises using WhatsApp for business communication.

An article in the National Law Review recently noted that every entity that handles company data is another link in the chain of possible exposure. Organizations should be aware that WhatsApp and other consumer-grade messaging apps are an extremely weak link when it comes to protecting data privacy and should NOT be used for business communication.

A 2021 Global Digital Trust Insights report by PwC revealed that 50% of businesses say that privacy will be baked into every business decision or plan. When it comes to using collaboration and communication tools, enterprises should make sure that privacy is baked into the solutions they use. That’s where NetSfere comes in.

Protecting data privacy and security is part of NetSfere’s DNA. Enterprises can take charge of data privacy and security with NetSfere’s powerful, secure mobile messaging communication and collaboration platform.

As data governance and compliance regulations continue to evolve, data privacy becomes a business imperative for protecting the bottom line and brand reputation. In reevaluating their approach to data privacy, the key takeaway for enterprises is – WhatsApp and other consumer-grade messaging apps were not designed for business use – NetSfere is. Contact us today to find out more.

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