Secure Text Messaging

Secure Text Messaging for Enterprises

When it's supported by the right platform, secure text messaging can offer important advantages to enterprises across a range of industries. But too often, enterprise messaging happens on consumer-grade apps that employees have downloaded to their personal devices. Convenient? Sure--but what threats and vulnerabilities are consumer apps introducing to your enterprise and your organization's IT environment?

The simple truth is that rapidly growing enterprises can't succeed without messaging technology. So the challenge is to understand the value of secure text messaging and identify technologies that improve both productivity and security across the organization.

The Importance of Secure Text Messaging

Secure text messaging allows your organization to confidently use device-to-device transmissions for improved communication and collaboration. From insurance companies that need to streamline communication with field reps to travel and hospitality operations that require better on-site collaboration, advanced enterprise messaging solutions enhance workflows and reduce organizational risk.

In addition to text messages, many messaging solutions allow users to share files and attachments. While file sharing improves collaboration, it also increases your organization's data security risks. If a messaging-based data breach should occur, your organization could be impacted in several ways:

  • Loss of sensitive customer/corporate data
  • Damage to brand reputation
  • High recovery costs
  • Reduced market share due to negative PR
  • Strained relationships with partners, suppliers and vendors

By prioritizing secure text messaging, you can significantly reduce or eliminate the risk of these threats--allowing your organization to safely use instant messaging for business advantage.

Key Elements of Secure Text Messaging Technology

The implementation of secure text messaging technology can help large companies with diverse workforces achieve rapid gains in productivity and data security. But not all enterprise messaging platforms are created equal. To avoid implementing an anemic or unreliable messaging solution, it's important to focus your search on a handful of essential elements and features:

  • Cloud-based Messaging Platform -- By storing data and messages in the cloud rather than on devices, you achieve security advantage when devices are lost or stolen.
  • Remote Wipe Capabilities -- IT personnel should have the ability to remotely invalidate expired accounts and wipe sensitive data from devices.
  • Data Retention Compliance -- It's important to make sure that the enterprise messaging platform you implement complies with corporate data retention policies and best practices.

NetSfere: The Smart Choice in Secure Text Messaging

At NetSfere, we specialize in equipping enterprises with the most secure text messaging technology on the market. Featuring industry-leading algorithms for highly secure, device-to-device encryption, our cloud-based messaging platform eliminates the hassles and worries associated with the use of consumer-grade messaging apps in today's most demanding workplaces.

Contact us at (224) 764-3535 to learn more or start your free trial today.

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