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Relying on email for business communication and collaboration is problematic for enterprises in two key areas. First, business email is a major attack vector for cyber criminals who are becoming increasingly sophisticated and prolific in targeting enterprises. Second, the back-and-forth asynchronous nature of email does not allow for the real-time seamless, contextual communication and collaboration essential to productivity. To create an environment of secure, contextual collaboration, enterprises need a platform like NetSfere that delivers rich, contextual communication while maintaining security, control and compliance.

Where there is email, there are cyber threats

From phishing to ransomware, email compromise represents one of the most dangerous cyber threats for enterprises. According to Trend Micro, over 90% of targeted attacks start with spear fishing emails. Cyber criminals are busy each day sending more than three billion emails in phishing attacks designed to make emails look like they come from trusted senders. Email security company Valimail estimates at least 1% of global email traffic utilizes suspicious and likely fraudulent sender identity.

The general lack of email encryption makes this channel a primary attack vector for bad actors. The increase in remote working amplified email cyber threats for organizations. Cyber insurance provider Coalition revealed that COVID-19 has resulted in a notable surge of business email compromise which increased 67% during the pandemic.

The FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Report paints a very alarming and expensive picture of business email compromises (BEC) and email account compromises (EAC). According to the report, “Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) schemes continued to be the costliest: 19,369 complaints with an adjusted loss of approximately $1.8 billion. Phishing scams were also prominent: 241,342 complaints, with adjusted losses of over $54 million. The number of ransomware incidents also continues to rise, with 2,474 incidents reported in 2020.”

Reply all is not collaboration

Effective collaboration and communication get lost in endless email threads. The asynchronous back-and-forth nature of email is inefficient and can be a real productivity killer. Using this channel, conversations lose their fluidity, and it is difficult for team members to be on the same page.

Workflows depend on the ability of teams to quickly share and receive information. Sending and collaborating on documents via email is often not an option with the 25mb upload limit imposed by many email providers.

Analyst firm Frost & Sullivan noted that “yes, email continues to serve its purpose of more formal messaging use cases. Yet team collaboration services empower entire teams to immediately connect with the right information and each other at the right time to work more effectively.”

Create an environment for better, more secure collaboration

Relying on email for collaboration is not a viable solution for enterprises. NetSfere is a platform that organizations can rely on for secure, contextual communication and collaboration.

NetSfere is an entirely encrypted, secure, and closed collaboration environment. Using device-to-device encryption protocols, NetSfere scrambles messages during transmission, unlocking them only after they reach receivers’ devices. Unlike email, NetSfere’s platform is impossible to spoof* (*it would take enough computing power to boil the world’s oceans to break the encryption algorithm and spoof the platform). What that means for enterprises is no spam and no spoofing that can lead to costly data leakage and breaches.

NetSfere is built for collaboration. NetSfere’s all-in-one platform – messaging, voice and video –enables instantaneous, contextual team collaboration. Robust collaboration features allow screen sharing and sharing of files large and small as well as images and videos.

The fact is email was not designed for collaboration. NetSfere is.

Find out how NetSfere can help your organization level up from inefficient, unsecure email collaboration to industry-leading enterprise-grade collaboration technology that is secure by design and built to optimize productivity.

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