Three for Three: Top Reasons Why Financial Services Enterprises Need NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel

In the digital-first era, banks are competing for share of wallet with upstart fintechs, fending off increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and working to meet the expectations of the experience economy.

These are the top three challenges financial services institutions (FSIs) must address to protect and grow the bottom line. NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel are three for three when it comes to delivering the security, user experience and ROI FSIs need to thrive in the digital-first era.

1. Security and compliance

In the financial services sector, increasingly stringent security, compliance and governance controls put this issue at the top of the list for safeguarding operations and protecting the bottom line. Relying on the wrong technology for business communication introduces legal, reputational and compliance risks that can result in very costly consequences.

With the right technology, NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel, security and compliance are a slam dunk for FSIs when it comes to locking down communication and collaboration.

NetSfere Enterprise, an enterprise-grade mobile messaging and collaboration platform and NetSfere Omnichannel, an always-on customer service and communication platform, provide industry-leading end-to-end encryption across every device and channel. The platforms feature the administrative, technical and physical data security practices that make it easy for FSIs to meet the most demanding and evolving global compliance and privacy requirements. With NetSfere’s world class security, financial services data, intellectual property and compliance are never at risk.

  • Secure – NetSfere encrypts communications, making it compliant with HIPAA, GDPR and other global regulations, allowing medical staff to safely transmit sensitive patient data and images.
  • Robust functionality - In addition to voice communications, screensharing, and video calling, NetSfere also offers chat and a broadcast feature and works with a wide range of devices including phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Easy to use – Rollout of the platform is fast and easy, and the app makes it simple for emergency response teams and hospital staff to communicate with one another.

2. Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX)

The experience economy is creating a mandate for enterprises to deliver richer, more seamless communication experiences for employees and customers.

EX has vaulted to the top of the list of priorities for financial services enterprises competing to attract and retain the best talent amid the ‘Great Resignation’. According to Computer Services’ seventh annual Banking Priorities Survey, bankers ranked recruiting/retaining employees as one of their top two issues for 2022.

CX is also becoming a priority as consumer preferences shift toward more digital-first communication. A survey of financial leaders by the Bank Administration Institute (BAI), found that the customer digital experience is not only their top business challenge but also their top investment priority.

NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel are designed to help FSIs deliver the best employee and customer experiences.

The right tool for prioritizing employee experience, NetSfere Enterprise gives financial organizations the technology to improve communication while reducing the risk of data loss or security breaches. This powerful and compliant messaging platform provides the frictionless communication and collaboration that improve employee efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in greater productivity and happier, more engaged employees.

With NetSfere Omnichannel, enterprises can connect with customers across digital channels, offering real-time communication and high-quality customer experiences without compromising security. The platform optimizes CX by bringing banking services to clients across their preferred digital channels and personalizing the customer engagement journey through individualized client communication across every channel.

3. Return on investment

In the highly competitive financial services industry, FSIs need technology that delivers measurable return on investment. Business communication technology that locks down security and compliance yields ROI in reputational protection and avoidance of costly fines, penalties and legal fees. When it comes to employee experience, banks delivering a best-in-class EX can increase their profit by four times per employee compared to FSIs that don’t. Optimizing the customer experience delivers similar ROI. Retail banks that regularly practice customer experience optimization grow more than three times faster than competitors that don’t.

NetSfere Enterprise is the mobile messaging and collaboration platform enabling the secure, real-time, contextual communication that keeps employees engaged, delivering gains in productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.

NetSfere Omnichannel is secure customer communication at scale that improves customer engagement, driving greater share of wallet and increasing customer loyalty.

NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel empower FSIs with the technology they need to deliver on digital-first mandates for strengthening cybersecurity and improving employee experience and customer experience all of which yields true business value and ROI.

That’s a three for three FSIs need now more than ever.

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