Easy as One-Two-Three: NetSfere Streamlines, Enhances and Secures Healthcare Communication

The healthcare sector continues to face pressures to improve efficiencies while optimizing patient experience and satisfaction. That is a tall order for healthcare providers dealing with staff shortages and burnout.

In today’s demanding, high pressure environment, mobile messaging and collaboration tools are increasingly vital to delivering high performing healthcare. NetSfere’s secure, compliant mobile messaging platform powers communication for efficient care delivery and improved patient outcomes, while easing the burden on medical staff by:

  1. Streamlining workflows
  2. NetSfere’s instantaneous communication tools optimize clinical workflows, streamline staff communication, and make vital information readily accessible to medical staff across care teams. Medical staff can securely and easily share sensitive patient information including health records, billing information, x-rays, charts, and more while on the move.

    NetSfere allows staff to communicate in real-time over preferred channels – text, video, and voice – and provides emergency alert capabilities, delivering a comprehensive, all-in-one platform for healthcare communication that is easy, convenient and secure.

    Communication and collaboration tools like NetSfere that optimize workflows through faster response times, better flow of information, fewer errors and improved patient safety help ease the burden on medical staff, making them more productive and happier.

  3. Enhancing patient communication
  4. Along with securing, streamlining and optimizing internal communication and collaboration, NetSfere helps healthcare providers and staff drive patient engagement across touchpoints and channels.

    NetSfere Omnichannel enables meaningful customer-centric engagement to enhance relationships with patients, improving patient satisfaction and increasing patient loyalty.

    An easy-to-use low-code/no-code development platform, NetSfere Omnichannel solutions designed for the healthcare sector allow healthcare providers to meet patients where they are, delivering contextual personalized engagement all while securely protecting medical staff and patients.

  5. Securing communication and collaboration
  6. NetSfere empowers healthcare staff to communicate and collaborate privately and securely.

    With NetSfere’s mobile messaging platform, healthcare providers and medical staff never have to worry about the security and compliance of their communication. End-to-end encrypted, compliance guaranteed and built for highly regulated industries like healthcare, NetSfere ensures the security and anonymity of patient data, allowing staff to safely communicate in real-time anywhere, on any device.

High performing healthcare providers and staff need high performing mobile messaging solutions. High performing communication and collaboration are as easy as one-two-three with NetSfere.

Contact us today to find out how NetSfere can help your healthcare organization streamline, enhance and secure business communication.

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