5 Things Healthcare IT Leaders Should Know When Selecting a Communications Provider

Patients today increasingly want an Amazon type experience when interacting with healthcare providers and health systems. In fact, an analysis by consulting services provider Guidehouse found 60% of consumers expect their digital health care experience to mirror that of retail. This movement to healthcare consumerism is creating a strategic imperative for omnichannel patient engagement technologies that support patients across their care journeys.

Along with increased demand for patient-centric digital tools, healthcare entities are also grappling with an environment where staff is overburdened, and burnout is a major issue. This environment is elevating mobile messaging solutions to mission critical for keeping teams connected, eliminating gaps in the flow of communication and enabling the real-time, contextual communication that enhances staff and patient experience and improves clinical outcomes.

To modernize communication and collaboration and meet evolving patient expectations for a unified care experience across digital touchpoints, healthcare providers and health systems should look for a robust ecosystem of cloud-based communication solutions that offer:

  1. Omnichannel patient engagement
  2. To grow and stay ahead of the competition in today’s digital-first environment, healthcare organizations need omnichannel platform technology designed to drive patient engagement across touchpoints and channels. NetSfere Omnichannel delivers superior patient experiences at scale that improve patient satisfaction and increase patient loyalty. An easy-to-use low-code/no-code development platform, NetSfere Omnichannel allows healthcare providers to meet patients where they are. NetSfere Omnichannel is designed for use in the healthcare sector with all the security and controls required to protect medical staff and patients.

  3. Industry-leading security and compliance
  4. Cyber threats remain one of the biggest challenges for the healthcare sector. Industry-leading end-to-end encryption built into NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel ensures that communication is locked down and cybercriminals are locked out.

    When it comes to deploying mobile messaging and omnichannel platforms, healthcare providers must be sure the tools they use are designed from the ground up to facilitate full compliance with HIPAA regulatory standards and other global healthcare regulations. With NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel compliance is guaranteed.

  5. Frictionless self-service tools
  6. Patients today want more interaction channels that allow them to engage with providers in ways that are most convenient for them. Patients expect to use these channels for self-service functions such as appointment scheduling and viewing test results.

    With NetSfere Omnichannel, healthcare organizations can provide a connected, seamless self-service experience that boosts patient engagement and improves health outcomes. As patients use NetSfere Omnichannel to become more involved in their care, healthcare entities realize the benefits of reduced administrative load on staff, improved efficiencies and decreased costs.

  7. Seamless provider-to-provider communication
  8. Healthcare providers and systems need mobile messaging solutions that support care teams by streamlining workflows, enhancing efficiency and increasing productivity. A Mobile messaging solution like NetSfere Enterprise keeps teams connected and eliminates gaps in the flow of communication, enabling real-time, contextual communication that enhances staff and patient experience and improves clinical outcomes.

    NetSfere Enterprise optimizes communication so that physicians and care teams are free to spend more time with patients which helps significantly reduce medical errors and burnout.

  9. Strong technical support
  10. Deploying and operating communication solutions should be a seamless, frictionless experience for healthcare organizations. NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel provide high level support that ensures healthcare entities achieve seamless messaging that maximizes the value of their communications investments.

    Backed by a team of seasoned professionals with more than 2,000 years of combined messaging experience, NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel feature around-the-clock, global support for the technology that drives secure, compliant communication and collaboration and omnichannel experiences in healthcare organizations.

To learn more about how NetSfere Enterprise and NetSfere Omnichannel can help your healthcare organization personalize patient engagement, optimize provider to provider communication and deliver better experiences and outcomes, contact us today.

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