5 Reasons Why Your Employees Want an Enterprise Text Messaging Service

In today’s healthcare environment, outdated and low-security methods of communication aren’t cutting it. More and more, hospitals, physician practices and insurance facilities have adopted a secure messaging app for internal needs.

Modeled after the simplicity of consumer instant messaging solutions, secure texting applications are built to be HIPAA compliant. That means employees can share important, sensitive patient information, without the risk of data theft, security breaches or regulatory noncompliance.

3 Reasons to Make the Switch to a Secure Messaging App

Healthcare organizations thrive on efficiency. With hundreds of patients to serve, you can’t afford to have a lax communication strategy that slows down processes. So why slow things down with antiquated pagers and PA systems? A secure messaging app allows your hospital, practice or healthcare office to run at maximum efficiency, while simultaneously delivering tangible benefits to your organization:

  • Total Compliance – Recently, HIPAA mandates were amended to include the use of instant messaging technology. Hospitals and healthcare organizations that don’t comply face a $50,000 fine for a single infraction, and up to $1.5 million for repeated violations. Secure messaging apps built with HIPAA compliance in mind ensure that follow government sanctions, saving your organization lofty non-compliance fees.
  • Increase Productivity – It’s impossible to share patient information efficiently when relying on slow computers and pagers. Secure instant messaging software allows doctors, nurses and office personnel to share sensitive information like patient X-rays, prescribed medications, chart and more. Look for a solution that deploys high-grade encryption that safely guards electronic protected health information (ePHI) during transmission.
  • Cost-Efficiency – Outfitting your organization with several computers can get expensive fast. When you implement a secure messaging app, employees can download the software directly to their personal mobile device. To guarantee everyone on staff has unhindered access to the messaging platform, select a solution that is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) enabled, and is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Need a Reliable Secure Messaging App? NetSfere Has You Covered

At NetSfere, we know that hospitals, physician practices and healthcare organizations need to manage tasks swiftly and efficiently. So we created an entirely HIPAA-compliant, secure, user-friendly messaging solution that enhances internal communications.

Our enterprise-grade platform allows you to send attachments and multimedia files to colleagues so you can share whatever you need, when you need it. Our secure messaging app is BYOD-enabled, saving your organization thousands in equipment and hardware costs.

Don’t wait to upgrade internal communications. To learn more about NetSfere’s HIPAA-compliant messaging solutions, contact us today.

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