Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) is a proven, carrier-grade solution delivering superb availability and capacity for multimedia messaging to consumers for one-to-one and group messaging. Exclusive provider to some of the world’s largest multimedia deployments with industry-leading transcoding capabilities and a rich feature set, the MMSC solution reliably supports multimedia for both person-to-person and application-to-person services.


Advanced Multimedia Messaging for Mobile Subscribers

MMSC is the solution of choice for operators that need to expand and enhance their multimedia messaging capabilities. Designed to function with or without an IMS Core, the MMSC solution is designed to decrease OPEX and CAPEX, while significantly improving subscribers’ multimedia messaging experience.


Robust Multimedia Messaging Support

MMSC effectively manages the delivery of multimedia messages (audio, text, picture and video) between various devices, technologies and operators—equipping operators with high availability, carrier-grade MMSC.


Enhanced Subscriber Experiences

Built to provide a world-class, multimedia user experience, our MMSC enables communication with multiple users and media types (text, image, audio, video), facilitating enhanced one-to-one and group communication.


Expanded Multimedia Capacity

MMSC successfully handles the functional and throughput demands associated with increased message size, enhanced media (e.g., higher megapixel camera images, high-resolution video, etc.) and other content that overwhelms the capabilities of conventional MMS solutions.


Flexible Deployment

Available in-network, in the Cloud or as a hosted solution, the MMSC is fully virtualized and hardware-agnostic enabling deployments on a variety of platform and cloud environments – both public and private.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • MMS payload Interface support (MM1, MM3, MM4, MM7)
  • Transcoding for all media on all interfaces
  • Application to Person (A2P) messaging
  • A fully virtualized software-based solution
  • World Numbering Plan (dialing translations)
  • Multiple recipient SMS charging capabilities
  • Disposition notifications
  • Extensive statistics and graphical reporting
  • Onboard and Off-board subscriber database support
  • Post-Paid and Pre-Paid CDR generation
  • ENUM
  • Dynamic and Manual Scaling
  • 5G Network Compliant
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) support
  • Secure Role-Based-Access-Control login and screen access
  • Carrier-grade
  • High capacity
  • Inbound and Outbound message throttling per interface
  • Bulk message delivery
  • Loop Prevention
  • Duplicate message detection algorithms
  • Deployable as an MM4 and MM7 proxy
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Prepaid Subscriber Support
  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Security Harding in every release