• Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Operational Efficiencies
  • Increased ROI

Better Delivery Service

Timely Notification and Alerts

Captivate customers with simple and instant notifications and alerts of order delivery updates. Alert customers through any channel of their preference with notifications of when the order is sent, on the way, delayed or delivered.

Improve Customer Service with Two-Way Messaging and Chat

Engage customers with easy, asynchronous conversations in which customers can contact businesses at their convenience. Reduce the workload of customer service while also being able to communicate with customers on their favorite channel at any time.

Better Coordination and Communication

Simplify Logistics Management

Integrate workflow with Omnichannel Messaging Platform for increased communication and coordination with suppliers and vendors. Full coordination from every step of the delivery process will make logistics smooth and ensure deliveries are accurate and timely.

Better Staff Communication

Automate workflow with instant and simple messages. Logistics such as traffic alerts, driver scheduling, and distribution changes can now be delivered easily to staff, ensuring smooth and easy deliveries.