• Enhanced Citizen Services
  • Optimized Operational Productivity
  • Total Security and Compliance

Transform Citizen and Employee Communication Experience

Time-sensitive Constituent Communication

With the acceleration of digital transformation, citizens expect government agencies to send notifications and alerts instantly to their preferred channel. Omnichannel’s reliable and reachable service enables government agencies and community services to connect with their citizens and keep them informed in a time-sensitive manner.

Notifications and Alerts for Remote Working

As distributed remote working has grown into a normal lifestyle for many public workers, it is essential to be able to notify and alert the workforce. Omnichannel provides many modes of communication that will allow the government and the public sector to manage its workforce. Easily send schedule notifications and alerts for workers to complete tasks and assignments.

Two-way Messaging and Chat for FAQ

Immediately respond and answer to Frequently Asked Questions held by citizens with Omnichannel’s interactive messages and chat. Promptly and easily help citizens with any difficulties as well as spread awareness and information about current news, improving their trust and loyalty.

Awareness and Outreach Programs with Campaign Manager

Broadcast information and messages through Omnichannel’s Campaign Manager which will allow the government and public programs to reach a wide audience via any messaging channel of their preference. Gain outreach and spread information through a nationwide messaging announcement.

Protect Government and Citizen Data

Protect Citizen Information

Secure citizen information and government communication information with Omnichannel’s advanced Two-Factor Authentication and high-speed One-Time-Pin delivery. Ensure the government’s and citizen’s private information remains safe and confidential.

Total Security and Compliance

Omnichannel’s comprehensive security capabilities provide an assure data protection in-line with the local and federal government specific laws and regulations. Omnichannel comes with complete compliancy capabilities – from full data control, data security, data archiving, auditing, enabling agencies to comply with government laws and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, Singapore PDPA, and more.