• Enhance Client Relationship and Trust
  • Grow Client Base and Revenue
  • Strengthen Security and Compliance

Engage Better with Omnichannel

Connect and Communicate on the Right Channel

Optimize client experience with convenient digital banking communication. Bring banking services to your clients on their favorite communication channel from SMS, RCS, Over-the-Top (OTT) Messaging Apps, and more.

Personalize Customer Engagement Journey

Orchestrate individualized client communication across every channel with instant, accurate content and personalized messages with our Content Management. With Omnichannel Contextual Engagement, delight your clients and drive results.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Drive Engagement Experience

Adapt to evolving client expectations by providing secure mobile banking services. Communicate faster and easier with financial service advisors through any conversation messaging channel.

Improved Marketing Impact

Attract clients with highly engaging, integrated market campaigns. Increase conversion with Omnichannel Campaign Manager by sending the right messages to the right audience on the right channel at the right time.

Protect Client Data

Unrivaled Secure

Secure clients’ confidential data with Two-Factor Authentication service logic including One-Time-Pin generation, delivery, and authentication for account registration, login, and high-value transaction.

Proactive Security Alerts

Send prompt notifications and alerts upon suspicious activities and notifications. Proactively prevent fraud by immediately notifying clients of unusual activities through high-speed channels of their preference.

Fraud Prevention

Assess fraud risk with real-time live subscriber data including roaming information, recent porting activity, and SIM status before granting an online, high-value financial transaction.