Remote Workforce Tactics to Deploy as we Enter the New Normal of Business

Anurag Lal Anurag Lal, President and CEO of Infinite Convergence.

The COVID-19 outbreak has enhanced the need to address rapidly evolving market requirements. This is creating a sense of urgency for organizations to enable agile team collaboration. The current state of the work environment has seen a significant increase in remote working and therefore a shift toward digital delivery of products, services, or customer experience. This means there must be a greater reliance on cloud-based services to assist in day-to-day work. Thankfully, 69% of enterprises indicate at least 75% of their workforce can work effectively remotely (451 Research). This does not, however, mean that all of the remote working challenges have been addressed. Below, I’ve shared the remote working tactics that enterprises can deploy as we collectively enter the new normal of business.

Simplistic Communication Channels

Over the years, email evolved as the main channel for communication in the workplace. However, businesses have clearly outgrown email as the need for instantaneous and accessible information increases. In addition to this, companies across the world are now facing challenges due to the onset of remote employees and time zone differences. To address this, a single streamlined and secured platform is essential for instant, contextual communication. Communications software tools such as NetSfere provide greater reliability, better security, enhanced file sharing, multi-device support, easier account management and full IT control. Communication platforms such as this offer a simplistic means of exchanging company information securely and provides your employees with a clear understanding of where to share personal versus professional information.

Instantaneous Remote Collaboration Tools

Secure collaboration is a top concern for IT decision-makers, according to a study done by 451 Research. This is because today’s cyber environment is increasingly being hacked into as organizations are digitizing. It’s vital to understand that whether your space of work is regulated or not, you should be aware of the level of safety and security of your remote collaboration tools. Using platforms such as NetSfere ensures information is encrypted so it is not compromised. Instantaneous collaboration is important to keeping productivity high and personalization intact. NetSfere offers various collaboration channels to get the job done such as:

  • NetSfereLIVE - Secure company-wide broadcast of video and voice.
  • NetSfere HD One-to-One Audio - Secure audio communication with employees and your ecosystem of outside vendors, partners and clients.
  • NetSfere HD Group Audio - Secure instantaneous communication with teams from within a group messaging conversation.
  • NetSfere Screen Sharing - Instantly share and collaboration using your mobile’s screen in a secure environment.

Secure Agile Collaboration

Whether they realize it or not, many organizations are playing with fire because they aren’t taking a comprehensive approach with their business communications and collaboration technology strategy. End-to end encryption is essential to enable secure and compliant agile collaboration in a distributed work environment and secure access enables organizations to address a wide range of use cases, including mobile and remote workers, as well as employees whose work location and schedules are dictated by their workflows (i.e., healthcare practitioners, field technicians). Providing enterprise grade software to your remote workforce will stray them from using consumer-grade apps such as WhatsApp to communicate sensitive information. NetSfere is an enterprise-grade communications software tool that’s end-to-end encrypted and regulatory compliant, providing robust security and ensures company privacy.

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