Advancing Digital Trust Requires Secure by Design Mobile Messaging Technology

Anurag Lal Anurag Lal, President and CEO of Infinite Convergence.

As enterprises become more connected and digital, digital trust rises to the level of strategic imperative. While accelerating digital transformation in enterprises is creating new efficiencies and business opportunities, this transformation is also expanding attack surfaces and increasing cyber threats. In this environment, enterprises can strengthen and advance digital trust among stakeholders by investing in security, compliance and privacy first technology. One of the most critical of these investments is a secure by design mobile messaging and communications technology that works to enhance the digital trust essential to business success today.

According to Deloitte, digital trust is defined as “the confidence among customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders in an organization’s ability to create and maintain the integrity of all digital assets (including data/information, architectures, applications, and infrastructure) across stakeholder experiences, strategic insights, organizational platforms, and network connectivity.”

Digital trust has the power to enhance company reputation, reduce privacy breaches and cybersecurity incidents, strengthen customer loyalty, fuel faster innovation and drive higher revenue, according to a survey of 2,755 international business and information technology professionals by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). Commenting on the report, David Samuelson, chief executive officer, ISACA noted that “innovation, market leadership and financial performance rely heavily on trust that must be earned every day.”

Other research shows the negative impact lack of digital trust has on the bottom line. A survey by McKinsey found that 40% of consumer respondents pulled their business from a company after learning that the company was not protective of its customers’ data. That’s bad news for the 57% of executives responding to the survey who reported that their organizations suffered at least one material data breach in the past three years.

To build digital trust, SG Tech’s Digital Trust white paper advises taking the key step of weaving cybersecurity and privacy into the fabric of the organization.

Securing business communication and collaboration is a critical part of doing this.

With the explosion of remote and hybrid working, digital trust hangs in the balance as enterprise face increased risk of data being exposed or stolen. A first line of defense for protecting digital trust is secure communication and collaboration technology, with end-to-end encryption and robust IT administrative controls. Enterprise-grade technology like this is now a major strategic imperative for building digital trust, protecting data and information from cybercriminals and ensuring a secure and compliant hybrid and remote working environment.

Digital trust is high stakes for enterprises today – without this trust organizations will not succeed. Building more trustworthy digital ecosystems by choosing the right technology partners with secure by design solutions will strengthen and maintain the digital trust so vital to organizational success.

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