The competitive climate in today’s business environment has created the need for enterprises to make close bonds with its clients, business partners and employees. In 2011, mobile subscribers around the world sent approximately 8 trillion text messages. With over 75% of global users using SMS and MMS as a way of communication, enterprises can use the existing mobile infrastructure to deliver pertinent timely messages to its customers and business partners resulting in greater customer service, increased revenue stream, and improved customer loyalty.

Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS):

Infinite Convergence's EMS allows enterprise business customers to communicate with their customer, partners and clients via text, picture, video and audio messages in a cost effective manner. The EMS is designed for businesses and institutions to send alerts, updates or marketing campaigns to wireless devices. Many industry verticals are currently benefiting from enterprise messaging including finance, healthcare and travel.

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NetSfere provides enterprises with a private, highly secure, reliable centrally managed and controlled, cloud-based messaging service backed by 2000 years of combined messaging experience delivering trillions of messages globally

Key Entrprise Benefits

Industry hardened security algorithms supporting device-to-device encryption
Encrypted transmission protect data and control signals between clients and servers with industry standard 256-bit encryption
Device to device encryption secures every message and attachment with unique key from the time it leaves sending device until it arrives on receiving devices

Centralized administrative control of end user policies and privileges as mandated by the enterprise
Real time statistic track key performance indicators such as number of accounts active sessions and message send
Account management functions invalidates expired accounts and remotely wipe sensitive data
Enterprise policy control message lifetime and sharing of attachments outside the enterprise

Cloud Based Storage
Scalable secured cloud architecture supporting global service availability wipe sensitive data
Zero-effort Device Upgrade
Messages and attachments are stored in the cloud so switching to a new device is as simple as installing the app and entering your password
Automatic Message management
eliminate the need to delete old data on your device by storing only the latest messages locally
Comply with data retention policies through centralized storage management

Robust Message Delivery
Ensuring seamless message delivery via IP, Push, MMS and SMS under all circumstances
Reach recipients via SMS text at the sender’s discretion (not possible on Apple devices)
Replay to critical messages via SMS text messaging when Wi-Fi or cellular data is not possible
Seamless integration of messages send or received via SMS in the NetSfere cloud

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