Infinite Convergence Solutions is a carrier-grade next-generation mobility technology provider. Our Messaging Business provides a comprehensive Messaging Product Portfolio that includes the Rich Communication Suite (RCS), Personal Messaging Cloud (PMC), Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) , Short Message Service Center (SMSC) , Short Message Service Gateway (SMS Gateway) , and Converged Messaging Server (CMS). Our products are deployed in Tier 1 mobile operators servicing over 130 million subscribers.

Infinite Convergence builds upon innovative carrier-grade messaging platforms to offer Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS ). This cloud-based messaging service, is specifically designed for enterprises to securely exchange information with its customers, employees and business partners globally.

All our messaging solutions are scalable and highly available and offer industry leading performance. We support platforms ranging from the high volume ATCA standard (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture) to our extremely scalable Cloud Application based platform. Our platforms offer geographic redundancy, zero down-time during upgrades, and the ability to manage all nodes as though they were a single, distributed application.

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Inifinte Convergence Solutions is a Wholly owned Subsidiary Infinite Computer Solutions